It is said that 'To forge a relationship, there is the need for the two parties to know each other.' Thus, tutors and their students must know each other since the effectiveness of the teaching and learning activities that ensue between them largely depends on this 'self-disclosure' especially on the part of the tutor. However, to what extent can a tutor unearth his/her self-identity to students?

Granted, unveiling the personal information of a tutor has its own benefits. For instance, when students know the attitudinal behavior of their tutors, they know how to relate to them well. This includes when and how students can channel their grievances to him, his/her teaching methods, mode of assessment, and ethical standards among many others. All these triggers cordial relationships amongst the tutor and the students.

Moreover, some tutors narrate their life stories such as their academic achievements to students with the sole aim of motivating them to work very hard to reach and even surpass their own attained feat. However, if impressing students is the target of a tutor's who constantly beats his/her academic drum, then it is misplaced or irrelevant.

Furthermore, some tutors share their hard, personal experiences in life to students. Sometimes, they

Sharks have been on this earth for over 450 million years and counting. So it is safe to assume that they have the brain and tools that help them survive and even thrive in certain protected areas. They are perfect eating machines and do their job very well regardless of where they are found in the world.

With all the tools they possesses such as their lateral line, their superior eye sight, their electrical sensory system and their sense of smell makes this magnificent creature something to be admired and feared. If you are able to witness their ability to track and eat prey then it's admiration but if you are that particular prey then it is to be feared.

So with all these tools that the shark has at its disposal it is obviously a superior predator regardless of its size or species. In fact, some shark species even eat their siblings in the mother shark's body which is a true sign of a apex predator.

So when you add humans to the natural environment of the shark you get a potential predator versus prey situation that can and usually does end badly for the human. But based on the amount

Who is an advocate?

Advocate is a person who speaks or writes in support of people who may need encouragement to exercise their rights, in order to ensure that their rights are upheld and nobody exploits them. It is person who pleads the case of people who need help in court.

Work of an advocate:

• To help the client identify and clarify their problems.

• An advocate will support you to know your rights so that you receive fair and equal treatment whenever you feel that your rights have been exploited by someone.

• An advocate shall support you in a way in which your opinions are heard so that you can live the life you want.

• An advocate would help in making you understand all the necessary information regarding your case so that you can take a sensible decision which is beneficial for you.

• He/she should provide positive feedback and hopes based on reality. No advocate in whatsoever situation should promise you with unrealistic hopes.

• Should help you with all the paperwork that requires legal attention.

• Should also help you in understanding all the legal terms that are not known to common people.

• Strive for a 'win-win' situation.

• Should practice fair play

Silicon Carbide is also known as the carborundum. It is a compound that is made with the elements like carbon and silicon. The chemical formula of this compound is SIC. It occurs in the natural state in the raw mineral form known as the moissanite. From the year 1893, this compound is being mass produced to be used as the abrasive. A small amount of grains of SIC is bonded together by the process of sintering to form a hard type of ceramics. They are widely used in various applications including car clutches, car brakes, bulletproof vests and ceramic plates. In the electronic field, this compound is largely used as the light emitting diodes and detectors.

Apart from the above usage, this compound is also used in the semiconductor devices that work in HV areas. Large crystals of SIC is made with the help of the Lely method. They are cut in a gem like structures.


Carbide is a hard covalent compound that is largely produced by the process of carbothermal reduction of silica. Depending on the exact reaction situations, the resultant SIC that IS formed is either fine powder or occurs in the ground mass state.

Key properties-

There are various properties

Education is such an important part of building a productive and well functioning society that one can't even imagine a community without proper academic infrastructure. It is crucial for a well functioning society that its young minds are taught and trained in various arts and sciences, literature and way of life. Education lays the foundation on which the future of the nation takes form; it is a true reflection of social, political, and cultural change. No great change can happen if the masses are not learned and aware of the happenings in their country and the world.

Education has been a core behind many great revolutions in the past, women had to fight for their right to get educated and go for higher studies and so did the minority races. In the early periods the format of education was much different, it was limited to basic arithmetic, reading and writing and later other skill based courses were imbibed to enable people to get better jobs. In the past only a privileged few were able to get a chance at good education and literacy rate was quite low. As man evolved his thirst to gain more knowledge grew with him, he

If you are looking for the best training institutes that can help you gain more knowledge and enhance your skills in your area of expertise, it is always an advantage to opt for those with experience. There are training institutes you can find that are willing to supply their qualified graduates to meet this demand and with this, you can surely benefit.

Among the most common and lucrative job positions right now involve events and media. The thing about these industries is that jobs in them are not normally covered by traditional university majors. If you're interested in an event management degree or in taking media courses, there are schools that specialize in these careers.

These training institutes or centers may not have been around as long as the colleges and universities, but they have quickly established themselves in the field of media communication, advertising, and event management. Understandably, different institutes also differ in quality, so make sure that you research as much as you can about your prospects and look into their track record.

Among the things that you need to check when choosing the best training institutes in Dubai are the following:

- The faculty

- The active industry professionals teaching their

The Title is self-explanatory. Let's clear our concepts first;

What is Literacy?

Literacy is the ability to read, write and express ourselves. The key to literacy is reading development, a progression of skills that begins with the ability to understand spoken words and decode written words, and culminates in the deep understanding of text.

What is Education?

I define Education as the capability to use the ability to express ourselves. This is one line definition of education. Education is the application of literacy, not just the literacy.

A person can't say that "I am educated because I know how to read, write and express myself."

Coming to my point, Are we really getting educated or just literate? People pursuing great degrees are still left unemployed. Students with great minds and talents are unemployed and maximum number of unemployment can be seen in engineering. Why is this? The answer to all these questions is THEY ARE JUST LITERATE, NOT EDUCATED.

They lack skills because they just know to express themselves but they don't know how to express, why to express and what to express. Education involves whole methodology of applying skills, to foster development and exploring new ideas.

Now, coming to India's education system, I believe that India is